Divine Connection

Friday, April 11, 2014

Get Children outdoors - enjoying Nature

It is all too obvious that most children today move from the house, to the car, to the schoolroom, to the car, to the mall,to the house. Nearly their whole lives are spent indoors.  There is a little bit of fresh air at recess and lunch time - and children they can actually play with - but is it enough?

Inside the house they move to the little window that has become life and there they play games. Not real games, virtual games. They don't interact with children after school, but a robot. The computer. And once engaged there children can't bear to leave a movie, a game, or any other virtual reality to participate in actual reality. 

It is time to get children outside 
and into nature 
as much as possible every day after school. 
To walk and chat and just hang out, naturally. 
To eat apples and throw the core on the ground 
for a bird or a worm to enjoy.

Take your children walking along your street, other people's streets, see how others are living; go barefoot on the beach, play in the local park, honour the wetlands. 

You don't even have to have conversation, just enjoy the peace, feel the air. Find a hill to walk up. Find a tree to climb. Find a hill to run down. Find puddles to splash in. 

Dress up to enjoy the rain, the wind, the sun, whatever the weather, go out and be in it! It's good for you and your children's health. It's joyful.

Somewhere, somehow inspire them outside and into nature!

Then bring the children home to a real home where there is food to prepare and eat - and things to do ... feed their pets, do their homework, hobbies and creative things to do.  

Outdoors contributes greatly to inner peace and calm in children, whereas robot interaction causes stress on the nervous system. Walking moves the muscles peacefully helping to release stress. Walking together is bonding, and aids in that feeling of belonging - playing with robots and watching movies encourages feelings of alienation and unreality (not that the child can cognise this).

Look after the children, they are the future carers of future children.
Take the children into nature, they are the future carers of this planet.