Divine Connection

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mornington Peninsula Classes with Devamaya

Text 0470 522 593 to Devamaya (Rhonda Christene) to enrol or enquire.

The Coolstores, Moorooduc.
Classical Hatha classes                                      
Wednesdays:  7.00 - 8.30pm   AND   Sundays:  4.00 - 5.30pm

Students will experience classical, yoga practices, including asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, yoga nidra (deep relaxation) & meditation, with beauty and power. (Note:
all practices may be modified at any time. as needed, to suit personal needs. 
Strong & inspiring asana practice, complimented by classical pranayama, deep relaxation & meditation. Classes ongoing throughout the year.

Deeply Nourishing Yoga   
Fridays:  9.30 - 11am 
A beautiful, relaxing class for sensitive people who like subtle practices and those who need very deep relaxation, whether mental, social or spiritual. Classes ongoing throughout the year.

Carrum Downs                   

Deeply Nourishing Yoga
Wednesdays  1.30 - 2.30pm

This class is conducted per school term at Lyrebird Community Centre, Carrum Downs.      
As with all my classes the essence of the class is beauty and nurturance. Beautiful classes with beautiful practices for spiritually-oriented students. Students of the heart.

Personal Training

South-East Melbourne & Peninsula.

Asana : mindfulness and health
Pranayama : strengthens mind, and nervous system 
Mudra & Bandha – refining prana and so much more
Meditation & Deep relaxation (yoga nidra).         
Mantra : meditation/kirtan/bhajana                                   

Friday, April 11, 2014

The individual Creates their Own Reality

Being immensely creative beings, we create our own reality. We create our own messes and our own brilliances as a result of our total mindset. The mindset can also be called a paradigm. Living inside a paradigm is the result of all experiences and how they have been, or are currently, perceived. One begets the other, gradually as the mindset changes, so does the paradigm.  

Do we really have free will if our chakras are not awakened? Can we really make enlightened choices until we have awakened the chakras?   Within the chakras is where great wisdom and love lies. This awakening happens, in everyone, only gradually. Noticeably, or not, in this lifetime, but eventually. 
We may not know it, or like it, but we are all in the right place at the right time having the right experience which will help awaken us further.

Rudolph Steiner’s writings on the metaphysical and the physical teach that the human body has been perfected in terms of creation – what makes it imperfect for the individual is the impression their past lives imprint on the mind.  It is these imprints on which the newly forming embryo and foetus builds itself, imprints which accord with, or distort the DNA, causing illness even in a newborn.

Louise Hay entered the world scene, awakening mass consciousness with her book You Can Heal Your Life – a book which is still valuable today and one which immediately helps the reader to get a clearer picture of the metaphysical.

To aid you in the understanding of your life and the building of your body there are two basic but essential things the spiritual aspirant must reflect and act on. These are self-study and compassionate love.

In regard to self-study, consider:
a)     where am I at right now?
b)     where have I journeyed from ?
c)      what do I need to experience?
d)     what do I need to express?
e)      what do I need to change?   
f)       what shall I achieve right now?
g)     who do I believe I am?

In regard to compassionate love, consider:
a) how much kindness do I have in my mind (for myself and others)? 
b) I will develop compassion and tenderness for every single person and being. 
c) what is causing me to be hard-hearted, heavy-hearted, light-hearted, faint-hearted?

 As you increase tranquillity and compassionate love in the mind it translates over to the body and into all relationships. It is not easy to address all the quirks in the mind and eradicate all body problems, but some headway at least can be made. 

Quirks which provide enjoyment for all concerned, are truly delicious, keep those ones!